Solar house sludge drying

WEE Pros GmbH organized and implemented technical study tour for a group of 15 participants from Jordan through the recently launched Sustainable Sludge Management Project in Jordan. The GIZ-SSM project aims to improve ecological and economic sustainability of sewage sludge management in Jordan by introducing technology-based solutions for the up scaling of ecologically and economically sustainable recycling of sewage sludge including but not limited to pyrolysis and/or pelleting. Based on above, the GIZ-SSM project is supporting WAJ in investigating suitable solutions for the accumulated sludge from the 31 WWTPs in Jordan. Within this initiative; the study tour aims to provide different stakeholders from the wastewater management departments at WAJ, Miyahuna, Aqaba Water and Yarmouk Water Company with an exposure to different options for sewage sludge upcycling technologies in Germany, in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each technology/solution inspected during the site visit. The site visit also cover other educational and research topics in relation to sewage sludge disposal management in Germany.